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This page about the step-by-step process of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy is currently being revised with the most recent information. Please contact our office for a free no-obligation consulatation regarding the process of bankruptcy in the Sacramento County court.


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What Bankruptcy Can Do
  • Bill collector calls and letters stop. We deal with your creditors, not you.
  • Home foreclosure is halted. Stay in your house with the full protection of the federal court.
  • Garnishment from your paycheck sent to creditors is blocked. We may even get some of that money back.
  • Reposession of your car, truck, boat, or other property is stopped. Keep your property while we work out a plan.
  • Debt relief is immediate. Stop paying creditors until a repayment plan is approved.
  • Discharge your debt. All or part of your debts can be gone forever.
  • Fresh start without the heavy buden of old bills.