Stop Foreclosure

Halt foreclosure with or without bankruptcy.

Act fast enough and a home with a deliquent mortgage may be saved with and without bankruptcy. Image of clock with house keys as hands.

The nightmare of most homeowners is getting behind on the mortgage and having that dreadful delinquent foreclosure notice affixed to the front door. Tens of thousands have lost their homes in recent years, but the saddest part is that many could have saved their homes if they had timely advice; with or without bankruptcy. Move fast so your home may be saved too.


Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure process even as the house is going up for auction, but bankruptcy is not always required. Depending upon your circumstances, Californians may have government funding to help make mortgage payments if being unemployed contributed the delinquency. There is even money available to help you if you need to move out of your house. You are not required to file for bankruptcy to gain these funds.


When your home is at stake, you need to contact a knowledgeable attorney as soon as you know trouble is on its way. Please contact our office at (916) 442-3111 for a free no-obligation consultation how you may be able to save your home.

What Bankruptcy Can Do
  • Bill collector calls and letters stop. We deal with your creditors, not you.
  • Home foreclosure is halted. Stay in your house with the full protection of the federal court.
  • Garnishment from your paycheck sent to creditors is blocked. We may even get some of that money back.
  • Reposession of your car, truck, boat, or other property is stopped. Keep your property while we work out a plan.
  • Debt relief is immediate. Stop paying creditors until a repayment plan is approved.
  • Discharge your debt. All or part of your debts can be gone forever.
  • Fresh start without the heavy buden of old bills.