Gerald B. Glazer, Esq.

Sacramento bankrutpcy attorney Gerald B. Glazer, Esq.

Image of Sacramento bankruptcy attorney Gerald Glazer.

Gerald B. "Gerry" Glazer graduated from the University of California, Davis and completed law courses at LaSalle University of Chicago. Mr. Glazer was admitted to the State Bar of California in November 1979 and has focused his practice on business and bankruptcy law. Mr. Glazer is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

What Bankruptcy Can Do
  • Bill collector calls and letters stop. We deal with your creditors, not you.
  • Home foreclosure is halted. Stay in your house with the full protection of the federal court.
  • Garnishment from your paycheck sent to creditors is blocked. We may even get some of that money back.
  • Reposession of your car, truck, boat, or other property is stopped. Keep your property while we work out a plan.
  • Debt relief is immediate. Stop paying creditors until a repayment plan is approved.
  • Discharge your debt. All or part of your debts can be gone forever.
  • Fresh start without the heavy buden of old bills.